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Interview of Nuoo box article kadalysmag

For the month of October our radian soothing gel cream and our comforting cream are in the NUOO box! A new beauty box exclusively focused on natural and organic cosmetics from around the world. Come and discover a little more about NUOO:

Can you tell us how Nuoo was born ?

The NUOO adventure started almost two years ago! Originally: a common passion between Gwénaëlle and Julie for cosmetics. Julie has been a fan of natural and organic cosmetics for years. But it is not simple for her to find effective natural products that suit her: not being able to test the products before buying them is worth a few misses! Gwénaëlle is a true fan of the beauty box concept: test before buying, she knows very well. However, she also turns more and more towards the organic and natural cosmetics that she does not find in boxes … Maxime is a passionate entrepreneur and very quickly gave the virus to Julie and Gwénaëlle. The inspiration is immediate: they would create their own beauty box to discover and test only natural cosmetics. This is how NUOO is born in November 2015.

 How is your box different from other beauty boxes?

Our main difference is that our box is exclusively dedicated to natural and organic cosmetics. At NUOO, we are committed to selecting healthy, flawless and effective products. We only select finished products containing ingredients that are natural or of natural origin or that come from organic farming. We exclude products containing raw materials, chemicals, toxic substances or preservatives subject to ecological or sanitary controversies such as parabens, phthalates, PEGs, silicones, mineral oils, dyes and synthetic perfumes. Of course, we exclude animal testing from raw materials to finished products and choose brands that respect the work of humans. We are also for efficiency and sensoriality: each product must be as pleasant as it is efficient!

Our difference is also due to the experience we experience with our subscribers: with NUOO they are certain to make real discoveries every month as we constantly find new brands and innovative products from all over the world!

What has attracted you to Kadalys ?

What immediately appealed to us at Kadalys is its unique character and its history! The fact that Shirley was inspired by a product typical of Martinique where she grew up to develop her cosmetics line immediately seduced us, it is very inspiring. The ethics and commitment of Kadalys are also reasons why we immediately loved the brand, without counting on the incredible efficiency of the products. And of course, the banana flavor of Kadalys lip balm has finished convincing us, it’s a treat!

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