The Biotyfull Box interview

Musaclean Exfoliating Peeling Biotyfull Box Edition kadalys

For the month of September Kadalys is in Biotyfull Box! The opportunity for us to ask some questions about the famous box :

Why did you choose to make an organic beauty box?

The desire to discover organic / natural beauty products from French companies that fight for a natural beauty, healthier, and environmentally conscious.

We wish :

  • Democratizing organic cosmetics and making the majority aware that it is a real alternative to conventional cosmetics, with in France, a real know-how in the manufacture of healthy cosmetics, without undesirable substances, irritants or endocrine disruptors.
  • To enable our partner brands, our “nuggets”, to quickly introduce their products / know-how to a large targeted community (via our operations on social networks, in the press and on TV).

All this … always in a staggered and colorful way. Bring joy and color. The Bio, green and brown, it’s over. Place to colors!

What are the expectations of your customers ?

Subscribers to the BIOTYFULL Box are looking for healthy and good cosmetics for their skin, to do well while enjoying themselves! This includes the discovery of organic and natural brands with values and history, such as KADALYS.

What attracted you to Kadalys?

In the first place, it was Shirley, the founder of KADALYS, who seduced us ! ? Nature and passionate, we liked to discover through to her its brand, its history and its values. The lighting of the little-known assets of the banana tree (a fruit full of resources!) Seemed innovative … and greedy!

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