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Vanity Musalis First Wrinkle Nutrition

This set includes :
1 Precious Nutritive Oil 50mL
 + 1 Musalis Day Cream 50mL
 + 1 Musalis Night Cream 50mL
 + 1 gift : Kadalys Vanity
+ 1 Black and White Box

Musatherapy® Ritual

1 – Use the nutritious precious oil in the morning and / or evening to leave the skin smooth and silky and the hair soft and shiny. It is also ideal as an after-shave or to nourish your beard.

2 – Use Musalis Day Cream in the morning to moisturize and protect the skin from free radicals responsible for aging skin. The face is bright.

3 – Use Musalis night cream to nourish skin integrity throughout the evening. Upon awakening, the energy reserves are restored. The skin is softer and glowing beauty.

Lush Plantation :

An invitation to exoticism, this refreshing and elegant composition combines a citrus cocktail with floral notes of iris and patchouli. At the heart os lush banana plantations, its spicy and woody fragrance awakens the skin in summer and gently warms in winter.

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