Vanity Musalift Corrects visible wrinkles Radiance

This set includes :
1 Precious Radiance Oil 50mL
 + 1 Musalift Day Cream 50mL
 + 1 Musalift Night Cream 50mL
 + 1 gift : Kadalys Vanity
+ 1 Black and White Box

Musatherapy® ritual

1 – Use Musalift Day Cream in the morning. Enriched with tensors and protective, firming and energizing active ingredients. It allows an immediate tensing effect.

2 – Use Musalift Night Cream at night to repair the skin and restore its natural defenses. Regenerating and firming it actively strengthens the skin during the night.

3 – Use precious oil radiance in the morning and / or evening. Perfect for use before and after sun exposure: soothing, regenerating and restorative. It also helps the hair regain their radiance and vitality.



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