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Musaclean Range:

The essential to prepare your skin.

Cleansers, Lotions, Masks: the first steps for a clean, smooth and radiant skin.

Hydramuse Range:

Moisturize and Soothe the skin

Preserving its youthfulness by deeply hydrating the skin. For all the family. 24h moisturization.

Musalis Range:

Prevent the first signs of ageing

As of 25 years, the ritual to detoxify, unify and stimulate the cellular activity of your skin. Green Banana Musactif.

Musalift Range:

Reduce visible signs of ageing

As of 45 years, the treatment to lift, reshape and firm the facial contours. Anti-dark spot. Yellow Banana Musactif.

Bliss Care:

Nourishing and Repairing treatment.

Multipurpose Oils and Balms for skin, lips, hair, beard and body wellbeing.