Brand creator, Shirley Billot, was introduced to Creole pharmacopoeia by her mother at early stage. She decided to create the Kadalys brand to unite her desire to valorize the ancestral cosmetic virtues of the Banana tree plant and her passion for plant research.

She launched a research program to study the virtues of the banana tree plant and developed the active ingredients the “Musactif”. Her research showed that molecules from the banana tree plant contain active ingredients highly concentrated with anti-aging, soothing and depigmentation properties.

In 2012, she launched KADALYS, the first organic cosmetic brand using Banana actives.

“The banana tree is a benevolent plant that has accompanied me since my childhood. In Martinique, families have a tradition of growing Creole gardens that always include a banana tree known for its generosity as a central element. It is so much a part of our everyday life that the banana tree is often taken for granted and yet it contains beneficial treasures.”

Shirley Billot – President and CEO of Kadalys