Through Musatherapy®, Kadalys proposes skincare rituals, combining nature with science in a tropical and purified atmosphere.

Unique rituals with anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties, combining the virtues of Banana tree plant naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Kadalys has created formulas that preserve skin youthfulness and sublimate it’s beauty over time.

Body rituals that are both sensory and gourmet that invite you to the heart of the luxuriant banana plantations of the Caribbean for a moment of unforgettable relaxation.

Find an institute closest to you, and discover Kadalys spas dedicated to well-being Kadalys.

kadalys beauty for all

Subliminal Beauty

Kadalys products and the Musatherapy sublimate the beauty of all skin types.

Our skincare products line answers to every skin type requirement. They accompany the user in their fight against aging skin and other effects.

Precisely dosed, the effectiveness of our skin care formulas have been authenticated by clinical studies.