Interview with Florent Atem

Vaea Ferrand miss france tahiti 2016 and Florent Atem

Florent Atem is an internationally recognized guitarist, nominated twice for the Grammy Awards, spent a year in his career writing a thesis on American civilization that received the “PhD Award 2016” Aix-Marseille. He was also able to compose an unpublished music for Kadalys.

What prompted you to take a four-year break to write a thesis on American civilization?

If I have always divided my time between school obligations and musical occupations, I have sometimes had to put them on hold, notably the time to present teaching competitions such as CAPES and aggregation. on the path of research with the elaboration of a doctoral thesis seemed to me to be a logical continuation to my progression. This work has indeed earned me the “Prix de thèse 2016” from Aix-Marseille Université, which is a great satisfaction given the sacrifices I have had to make. Place music now!

You are a model of excellence for overseas. What is your secret?

Very sincerely, I would not pretend to consider myself a model for anyone. If some people see me this way, it touches me of course very much and encourages me to do everything possible to try to live up to the esteem that is granted to me. In my experience, I would say that the secret of success is first and foremost to gain access to real self-knowledge in order to truly find its way, which will inevitably transform long and tedious hours of work in pure moments of pleasure. I believe it is also essential to keep an open mind and to constantly challenge, while constantly striving to push its limits.

What inspired you to create this new music for Kadalys?

It seemed to me that the peaceful and warm atmosphere of the islands was in perfect harmony with the image of the brand, which I tried to reproduce using the particularly playful sonority of the “ukulele”, instrument intimately associated with life in the tropics. If these few notes can, for a moment, allow the public to feel transported on a white sand beach, in the shade of a coconut tree, near a turquoise lagoon, then the mission is accomplished!

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