Hyaluronic acid

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INCI Name : Sodium hyaluronate

Common Name : Hyaluronic acid

Origin : Corn

Hyaluronic acid is an active ingredient known for its anti-aging, moisturizing and plumping properties.

High, Medium or Low Molecular Weight

– HMW: maintains the skin’s natural hydration by forming a moisturizing non-occlusive film on the upper layers of the epidermidis for a smooth and velvety skin. Natural water holding thanks to its exceptional hygroscopic properties.

– MMW: Reinforce skin natural defense, stimulation of beta-defensing release by keratinocytes uand activation of skin cellular repair is a biomimetic hydrolysed hyaluronic acid. It reinforces our cutaneous immune system by stimulating the release of specific anti-bacterial molecules: the β-defensins.

– LMW: provides an in-depth moisturization and increases skin firmness. It provides healing and cytoprotective agent. Increase of procollagene 1 synthesis and reduces skin roughness. The skin is reinforced giving a better younger looking.