In the shoes of Anthony Vincent, passionate beauty journalist

Anthony Vincent : portrait d'un journaliste beauté passionné par les cosmétiques

In his bathroom, the passionate journalist tells the daily life of his job, his morning and evening beauty routine, his best skin tricks, and what gives him banana!

Would you introduce yourself?

My name is Anthony, I’m 25 years old, and I’m a freelance journalist in Paris. I write for different media with always the same obsession: the notions of constructions of identity and representations. This leads me to write about contemporary art as well as fashion and beauty. In October 2018, along with my colleague Douce Dibondo, we created the extimited independent podcast that gives voice to minorized people, because of their skin color, their gender identity, or even their physical or mental condition.

Podcast Extimitié par Anthony Vincent

You always knew you wanted to work in this business?

As a teenager, I dreamed of being a literature teacher. I was quietly studying letters for this purpose when I was swallowed up by an internship for a literary program on France 3. From the outset, I understood that journalism was an exciting profession, but on the verge of extinction. That by jumping from Gutenberg to Mark Zuckerberg so brutally, the profession had not been able to reinvent itself and was precarious at high speed. I am often told that I am aEverything, when in reality it is just the only way to carve a place and a feather in this precarious environment. Where only the most passionate survive.

What’s your typical day like?

Since I work from home, the issue is to discipline myself so that I do not spend my days in bed. So I set up my professional appointments and interviews early in the morning. In the afternoon, I go home to write my articles or take care of Extimité. In the evening, I now prefer lectures to the mundanity of openings.

What’s your morning routine?

I wake up naturally between 7am and 8am, listening to podcasts while I emerge. The only healthy thing I eat in the morning is oatmeal and almond milk with a crushed banana, cinnamon and nutmeg. I make myself a liter of green tea, drink a cup and take the rest for the day in a thermos. Then I go into the bathroom, I dress all in black or navy blue on a happy day, and I face the city.

What do you do in the bathroom?

I wash my face with the Gel cleanser Kadalys, which I find hyper soft. Before, I adored cleaners leave the skin “squeaky squeaky clean”, which scrapes. But I eventually understood that it was exactly the best way to make my already oily skin even oilier. Every three days, I use then the exfoliating powder Oh My Cream in the empty hope to see my enlarged pores disappearing one day. After the cleaning, I vaporize some floral water, then I apply the Serum Musalis to warn the appearance of wrinkles. I quietly let him penetrate into the time to wash my teeth, then I put the matifying frost of Pure State. Finally, I warm a pump of Nourishing Precious Oil in my hands before crossing them on my beard. I exceed voluntarily on cheekbones for a little of well placed brightness. Glow must go one! I adore his light wooded flavor, of citrus fruits and patchouly, which reminds me my origin island, Martinique.

Masque Peeling Exfoliant et Lotion Clarifiante Kadalys

And the evening?

For the face, I chain the Gel cleanser, the Clarifying Lotion, the Serum Musalis, then the Night cream of the same range first wrinkles. Once a week, I exchange the cleaner by the Exfoliating Peeling then the Purifying Mask, especially if I invite friends because it is the most photogenic care which I have never seen! Often, when we think of natural care, we expect that they are little pleasant in the use, but with Kadalys it’s the very opposite. The peeling feels rather citrus fruits, and pass of the white given a pearly gloss in the iridescent green, it is rather surprising. As for the mask in the clay, he calls back rather the perfumed oil with his notes of Ylang and tiare flower. Otherwise, I am a member of this not understood species of people who take a shower in the evening rather than in the morning. My atopic skin makes many eczema, then I use the oil of hypoallergenic shower Coslys or some shower gel surgras of non-pharmaceutical chemist’s, then I spread generously of the body milk feeding Cattier. The winter, the elbows, the knees, and the feet are even entitled to a knob of butter of pure shea-tree. I generally cross my summers in Martinique where I can just put a little Precious Oil Nutritive Kadalys on the driest zones of the body.

La routine beauté bio Kadalys d'Anthony Vincent

More like seeing the half empty or half full cream tube?

Half empty ? Anyway, I never wait for it to be finished to buy me some back. You always have to be resourceful.

What gives you banana every day?

My four-month-old nephew. Who doesn’t have dilated pore problems yet, at least. Pastries. And my friends, obviously, who I love to cook for anyway. My remedy for melancholy is to offer them a sleepover to pasty together and make masks, to make themselves feel good inside and outside.

If you had a beauty trick to give, what would it be?

To take care of his face in the sink and his body in the shower. Because if the skin of the body easily tolerates very hot water, this is not the case of the face. Unless you have the courage to shower in cold water, it is better to wash your face in the sink, and cold to enjoy the tensive effect of this temperature.You can even use it to apply a mask, then let it work while you shower to increase its effects tenfold thanks to the water vapour that expands pores. It’s all about optimization.

How did you know Kadalys?

The founder, Shirley Billiot, was the guest of an episode of Beauty Toaster, a podcast about the beauty industry and well-being that I love. Today, if all the new brands claim to be natural to be fashionable, there, for once this was not marketing varnish but rather an ambition at 360°C. She told there her desire to valorize the Caribbean pharmacopoeia through studies and patents, to recover the waste of the banana industry, integrate farmers into the brand’s success, and legitimize its eco-responsibility to responsibly designed packaging. In addition, Shirley billot gave a rare, honest speech on the issues of “organic” labels. By meeting the strict requirements of the COSMEBIO and ECOCERT charter, Kadalys asserts itself as a resolutely organic brand, and not just to look good on the label. All this immediately convinced me to place an order, and since then I’ve been addicted.

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