How to properly moisturize your skin in summer?

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After the cold of the winter, place to the long days sunny. Between UV rays, sea water, swimming pool and the temperature changes caused by air conditioning, your skin is constantly attacked during the summer ! To avoid getting completely dry with the return of the holidays and prolong your tan, protect it by moisturizing it every day of the summer with the aid of an appropriate care.

Why should you moisturize your skin even in summer?

Our skin is subjected to strain, summer and winter. Just like the cold, the sun dries up the epidermis of the face. To face it and expose itself freely without suffering its effects, the use of a moisturizing care must be part of the beauty rituals of the summer. Dehydration is a phenomenon that takes place gradually and is treated over a long period. To avoid suffering the inconveniences, it is enough to apply morning and evening a moisturizing treatment on the face. Used before and after each exposure to the sun, it restores the hydrolipidic film to the surface of the skin and helps to soothe the inflammations suffered as a result of exposure to the sun.

Recognizing the signs of dehydrated skin

Dehydrated skin lacks comfort and radiance. It will age prematurely and become much more susceptible to external aggression.When the skin lacks water, the protective barrier that covers the upper layer of the epidermis can no longer properly assume its role. The water no longer flows to the epidermis, accelerating the drying process. The skin begins to tingle and dander can make their appearance. In the case of dry to very dry skin, these inconveniences are almost permanent. These skins lack water but also lipids. Without proper care, they pull and heat. Redness may occur. Contrary to popular belief, oily skin is not immune to transient dehydration. A fatty and oily epidermis may very well lack water. To detect it, carefully scrutinize your skin. Tiny ridicules on the face, especially in the bounced areas like cheeks translate a water deficit.

To each skin its type of care

Hydration is therefore essential. It is also necessary to choose the care adapted to the needs of our skin. Follow our guide to find the one that suits you.

Care for normal to oily skin:

Moisture and heat accentuate the oily tendency of the oily skin and the shine of the zone T of the mixed skins. For this type of skins, we recommend a light care, rich in moisturizing and soothing active and able to regulate the excess of sebum. Prefer light textures like those of our Radian Soothing Gel Cream. Non-greasy, it reduces the production of sebum and matifies the skin.

Care for normal to dry skin

Dry to very dry skin is in distress, both in winter and in summer. Only the richer treatments manage to calm the damage caused by the sun, sea water and changes in temperature. Our rich cream features powerful moisturizers and minerals to take care of facial skin and soothe it while restoring its protective hydrolipidic film.

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