Product Rewards

The logo “Recommended by the Observatory of Cosmetics” indicates that the products are recommended by the jury of professional experts of the Observatory of Cosmetics.

During the 2017 year The Cosmetics Observatory recommended :

  • Banana Lip Balm
  • Radiance Oil
  • Nutritive Oil
  • Musalift Day cream
  • Musalis serum
  • Musalis Day cream
  • Musalis Night cream
Observatoire des cosmetiques 2017
Recommanded l'observatoire des cosmétiques 2016 logo

During 2016 year The Cosmetics Observatory recommended:

  • Banana Lip Balm
  • Musalift Day cream
Recommanded l'observatoire des cosmétiques 2016 logo
observatoire des cosmetique 2015

The Victories of Beauty rewards each year fifty cosmetics. Candidate products are submitted to a Quality Review®. Over a suitable period, consumers test at home a care or beauty product without knowing the brand. You should know that the products are completely “stripped” to avoid the influence of the brand. Only the product counts for the judgment and nothing but the product! It is therefore not necessary to specify that the products that succeed in this “quality examination” ® really deserve their Victory of Beauty.

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The Victoires de la beauté awards are decerned to the products who are tested by a jury of consumers.

During the Victoires de la beauté 2015 several of our products were rewarded:

  • Radiance Oil
  • Musalift Day cream
victoire de la beauté 2013
victory of beauty 2014-2015 kadalys
victory of beauty sandrine quetier kadalys

During the Victoires de la beauté 2013, several of our products were rewarded :

  • Nutritive Oil
  • Musalis serum
  • Musaclean Peeling Exfoliant
victoire de la beauté 2014

Brand Rewards

logo trophées pme kadalys partners

The “Trophée PME Bougeons nous” competition allows to promote the creativity, the investment, the dynamism and the enthusiasm of small and medium-sized French companies to make move France.

In 2015, SHB won the category “Young company push” to reward its innovation, its investment in our economy and its audacity as an “adventurer” entrepreneur who dares and gives itself all the means to succeed.


Beauty Challenger is a competition of the emerging brands of the beauty market. It has a jury of experts, made up of international prescribers looking for new talents & concepts.

In the year 2013 Kadalys won 2 Beauty challenger Awards: :

  • Press Favorite
  • Emerging Brand
logo concours création d'entreprise innovantes kadalys partners

The national competition to support the creation of innovative technology companies successfully fulfills its structuring role as an innovation ecosystem and as a catalyst for innovative ideas and projects. It attracts nearly a thousand applications per year (19,217 projects submitted in 15 years) and awards according to the years from 60 to 150 winners per promotion.

SHB won the innovation award in the year 2012.

Our partners

The banana sector of Guadeloupe and Martinique occupies a major role in the global economy of the two islands and is committed to the future. The subsidiary generates in all more than 10 000 jobs: about 1 active in 20 in the Antilles works for the Banana sector.

Kadalys works with local growers in Martinique and Guadeloupe for their expertise and environmentally friendly practices. The planters of Guadeloupe and Martinique are regularly changing their practices to improve the preservation of air, water and land and promote biodiversity.

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stamped banana of guadeloupe and martinique

Bpifrance supports innovative projects to strengthen their investment capacities throughout their life cycle.

Bpifrance supports Kadalys to help finance its research and enable the brand to continue to develop its latest scientific advances.

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logo bpi france kadalys partners

CIRAD is the French organization for agronomic research and international cooperation for the sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions.

It was whitin CIRAD that Kadalys’ fundamental research on bananas and the discovery of the musactifs were made.

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logo cirad kadalys partners

Outre Mer Network is a platform that accompanies the new generation of French overseas talent in France.

Kadalys is part of this association and Shirley Billot, founder of the brand, chairs the “Jeudi de la stratégie” training in partnership with HEC.

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logo OMN kadalys partners