3 Tips to Take Care of Her Hair During the Summer

kadalys article 3 summer hair tips

In the summer, the hair is weakened by sun, sand and sea water. Nourishing, protective and effective, hair oils repair damaged fibers and hold all day long.

Protect your hair from the sun

Just like the skin, the hair feared the sun. They become rough and lose their luster. To protect them, oil is the unavoidable remedy. Barrier against moisture, protection of keratin, it nourishes in depth. Radiance precious oil has a natural UV filter. It contains oil of roucou that protects the colorations and oil of buriti which prevents the dehydration of the hair. Brightness and vitality all summer!

Summer, feed your hair

To remove the salt and sand from the hair, start with an after-sun shampoo. Continue with a conditioner conditioner to moisturize your hair and nourish the fiber.
Finally, apply a capillary oil. Indispensable in summer, it acts as a nourishing and restorative care. Those whose virtues are the most effective are oils with fruit cores, very rich in fatty acids. The Radiance oil based on macadamia and pomegranate is a dry oil known for its nutritive and moisturizing properties.
For normal and dry hair, apply on dry spikes. They will regain their brilliance. For fine hair prefer a Nutritive oil to apply before a shampoo, on hair not wet.

In the evening, sublimate your hair

After a day spent in the sun and before going to bed, applying an oil on the tips makes it possible to repair them and to coat them with a pleasant fragrance. The sublime precious oil is a blend of five oils with moisturizing and softening properties. Its fragrance is fresh and captivating. Your hair will shine thanks to the avocado oil it contains and the golden nacres that it contains will offer to your hair coppery glints. Upon awakening, your hair will be soft, bright and hydrated in depth.

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